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multifunctional child learning desk and chair set can adjust the height of tables and chairs according to the height of children купить по лучшей цене

The mAh consuming can be adjusted by 0%-200%. Auto-calibration of stabilization position function is added put your plane on the ground horizontally and enter this option the OSD will reset the center point of roll and pitch. MAX RECORDING: The record of max values of flight data when selected to be set “ON” the OSD will record the max speed max distance max height and max lift rate after the plane is taking off. When detect the speed is lower than 10km/h (6.2MPH) and the height is lower than 10m (32.8ft) the OSD screen will display the max records at the meantime a word MAX will flash on the screen. HEADING HOLD: Now it’s optional to lock the course when in PA mode you can choose to disable it. RTH ALT HOLD: You can choose to lock the height of current height or preset height in RTH mode if this option is set to be off (set to N) the plane will climb to the preset height if the current height is lower than preset value the plane will maintain the current height to RTH. VIDEO FORMAT: Video input format options between PAL NTSC and AUTO when choosing AUTO option the OSD will automatically adjust the OSD display according to the input video format default PAL when no video input.
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