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kf a toslink male to male digital audio optical cable light brown brown multi colored 2m купить по лучшей цене

Optical fiber audio line for coffee series; KF - A; This product using woven web design is to protect the fiber damage namely beautiful and durable. Plug type: TOSLINK - TOSLINK (square opening each other). Aluminum alloy shell zinc alloy head. High performance fiber optic cable significantly reduce jitter and maintain the best signal integrity smooth voice in more detail From a CD Player Mini CD DVD PLAYER digital to analog converter and satellite receiver MD VCD AMP PLAYER and optoelectronic devices; Function: Audio transmission and short distance data transmission; Advantages: High speed high fidelity the advantage of low loss and resistance to electromagnetic interference. Can be applied in the digital hi-fi HIFI and high-end home theater digital audio transmission system. Widely applied to CD/DVD/DAT/MD/LD and other digital equipment.
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