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dianqi me me 8104 limit switch limit switch tz 8104 rotary plastic roller arm limit switch free shipping momentary good quality купить по лучшей цене

Limit switch structure of double circuit solid is made up of zinc alloy and reinforced plastics. Small volume can waterproof prevent oil. Hidden within the micro switch looks piece structure mechanical life longer. With a larger OT action. Easy wiring duct design. Convenient to operate. Operating speed: 0.5 mm to 50 cm/SEC. Operating frequency: mechanical: 120 times/min electric: 30 times/min. Contact resistance: below 25m ohm(early). Insulation resistance: more than 100 m Ω (under 500V DC). Withstand voltage: with extreme between child: 1000 vac 50/60Hz lasts 1 min.Vibration: 10-55Hz 1.5 mm double amplitude. Impact: mechanical endurance: 1 000 m/Sec (about 100G'S above). False action: 300 m/Sec (about 30 g 'S above). Temperature: - 5 ℃ to + 65 ℃. Humidity: < 95% RH. The service life of the mechanical: more than 10000000 times. Electrical: more than 500000 times. Protection grade: IP65.
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