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кабели межблочные аудио silent wire series reference optical toslink 8 0m купить по лучшей цене

Connect Your Device for Fantastic Performance Just connect your devices that has the same interface to enjoy the fantastic performance of high fidelity. Suitable for All Brand New Dolby AC3 and DTS Designed for high fidelity music system, this optical fiber audio cable is the first choice for Dolby AC3 and DTS. High Density Mesh Gird With the high density mesh grid, the cable has better protection against scratches, pressures, shocks, more durable than ever. Premium Aluminum Alloy Case Adapting white aluminum alloy with premium quality as case, the cable is more durable to long time use and no more fear of the signal interfaces. Square Design Port The cable has square shaped ports at both ends, easy to connect, more universal to use. Specification Brand UGreen Model AV108 Type Optical fiber audio cable Cable Diameter 7mm Cable Length 1.5M Material Environmental PVC and nylon mesh net
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